Selasa, 15 Februari 2011

Bird With Only One Wing

I'm one bird with only one wing

I'm one bird which can't fly

But then come someone

Someone who really care about me

Someone who really take care of me

Someone who really supports me

No more loneliness

No more despair

No more regrets

I'm flying

and holding her hands together

I can feel her true heart

No matter what I try to fly

I fell..

No matter what I try to jump

I fell..

She fix my broken wing

She fix my broken heart

She fix my broken effort

She fix my broken wish

I can now fly

I can now jump

A true heart of love..

true love

I'm now no more

the bird with

only one wing

(written by Andri Wijaya, my close friend, in Album Kenangan SMU Katolik Budi Murni 1 Medan tahun 2005)

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